Ode to: Old Minnesota – Sonnet Into: Man’s Dark Galaxy – And a Poem: The Jeweler

Tribute to:

Old Minnesota

The rich profound soil that once developed wheat and corn as tall at the level of an

normal man's head, and the thick plant like UFABETinterlocking foliage of the Minnesota woods of the north, when difficult to infiltrate where bear and deer and spring and wolves

what's more, little monsters recognizable to men, to give some examples, wandered:

Adversary and ancestor to the white man of some time in the past, - where the Cayuga (the Iroquois) and the

Chippewa, looked through its thick leafage, and over its feigns onto the Mississippi: came a tide of tall, wide, thundering hot whisky inhale men, Bible hauling, Protestant and Catholic, for the most part Anglo-Saxons; not as

siblings, but instead close to rivals, prepared to fight.

Hauling their spouses and youngsters and parents in law across a sea from a land called Europe to confront the local hatchets

Furthermore, simultaneously cutting up a section of land to a great extent, and presently wherever in the huge Minnesota wild!

Guileless as an elephant going crazy in the city of London... , ignorant about its occasional dangers they came to remain.

Consequently they changed the Minnesota territory forevermore!

Those days obviously, presently a distant memory

The previous days!

Days my granddad might have said, experienced its irrevocability!

Legends now.

Steamers that used to be transporters of produce, and different products, city to city along the Mississippi presently taken over via: trains, trucks and planes: are nevertheless vacationer rides down the waterway...

Furthermore, the courageous and selling peering toward, Ojibwa, have left their tents on reservations, and assembled club, with sections of land of 'one-arm criminals'.

Subsequently, all that is left of those far away days, are scenes and representations, on walls, at the State Capital, in St. Paul.

No: 4476 (7-18-2014/Poetic Prose

Poem into: Man's Dark Galaxy

God hands to each, a dissimilar to make arrangements for man:

Some to the oceans, the waterways, they dive.

Some live as adversaries to God, and some as companions;

Whatever floats his boat plan, his approval or boycott!

Also, one is holy person, another concubine;

One is sluggish, the other hearty as far as possible.

Of every one of God's youngsters, he provides order:

It is possible that you are with Satan, or his arrangement.

However, Death, God, has set up for every one of us,

Be you covered in a vault's profound center

Or then again in some rigid jail walls!

Regardless of in what pit man lies, he rests

Regardless of whether somewhere down in the Drake, or on its shores:

To that, where 10,000 voices sob.

No: 4473 ((Poetic Prose) (7-17-2014))

The Jeweler


His brain, become exhausted with the day-it appeared

Had remained o'er the gems work excessively lengthy;

He murmured to himself, an elaborate tune;

For exactitude and magnificence, he considered.

No: 4469 (7-16-2014)

Metered and Rhymed/For Fernando Nakamoto I.

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